We had lots of fun with the play test today. Here is an photo impression of the game. After a crazy shootout and a bare knuckle fight finale, it was a nice victory for Arjan.



First off, thank you all for the interest you showed us in our project this week. We also are grateful for the feedback we’ve got so far. It helps us to make a better product.
We also received a lot of questions about what it is we are planning to do. So here goes wink

We are working on a post-apocalyptic miniature skirmish game called; Collision.

Collision is set in the near future, where rival factions fight each other in the ruins of once great cities to find the last energy source known to man; the volatile Collision shards.

We are planning to launch our game on Kickstarter next year.

At the moment we are playtesting and polishing the beta rules so players can try it out soon. Meanwhile we are contacting artist to visualize our vison of the game. We will reveal more about the world, factions and rules in future posts.

Mattijs & Arjan

Code Orange Games


After visiting the Chamber of Commerce we are now officially a company. We received a lot of support from friends, fans and family. Thank you all!!!

This has been a great week for us. We have also been busy with finalizing our logo, the website and Facebook for Code Orange Games. We are very happy with the results.

We are currently busy with creating a miniature skirmish game. With this Facebook page we like to keep you guys up to date of our journey.