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Artemis event model revealed.

The last Nyx model is done, the Artemis event model is here! She wields two climbing axes, which makes her great at climbing even the most difficult surface, to reach those hard to get Collision shards. As a back-up she has an SMG to lay down some short range fire power. With the event model […]


Artimis joins the Nyx

It’s time to reveal the Artemis. She wields a composite bow to give the rest of her team some long range fire support. Also the bow is a very practical weapon in the game because it can never receive a “jammed” token. The Artemis is also a perfect scout for the Nyx, she has the […]


The Nemisis is here to bolster the Nyx!

Today we reveal a new Nyx model; the Nemesis!   She is armed with a LMG, which is perfect to give her squad mates some covering fire. She can also use her weapon lay down a rain of bullets to suppress the enemy. This gives the other Nyx the time to outflank the enemy and attack […]


The second Fury is ready for action

Time for another Nyx model! This is the second Fury, armed with a carbine. She needs to get a little bit closer than the Reclaimers with their assault rifles, but she has less trouble with those pesky minimum ranges. As with the previous Fury we have opted for a really dynamic pose to show of […]


The first Nyx is here!

The first sculpt for the Nyx is finished! We are proud to present the Fury. Armed with a pistol and deadly Katana you can find here at the front of the action. She is a true close combat specialist, and if she doesn’t menage to finish off her opponent in a single combat action she […]