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The duel is finished!


Today we like to share this awesome duel made by Fabian. We think it looks amazing.

collision-duel-fab-1 collision-duel-fab-2 collision-duel-fab-3 collision-duel-fab-4

It really captured the atmosphere of the miniatures. The base has some amazing details and look at the paint job, the skin of the Unwanted is really nicely done, the Reclaimer even has a glowing collider on his back!

What do you think? Do you already have some cool painted event models? You are always welcome to share them with us!

Fan content


Today we want to share some fan content with you.

One of our Facebook competition winners Michel Plokker has already painted his Unwanted Brawler and it looks amazing!

Brawler painten by Michel

Brawler painten by Michel

And Kyle Warmack has written an amazing piece of Fan fiction for the world of Collision. I won’t spoil anything here for you but it is worth a read bigsmile