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Poldercon was great!


We had an amazing time at Poldercon last Sunday!

We used the event to test a new scenario where the Reclaimers assault an ‘Unwanted settlement’. They need to place bombs inside the 4 main buildings in the town, the Unwanted try to stop them and deactivate any bombs already placed. At the end of the third turn the bomb will explode and demolish the buildings. If the Reclaimers manage to blow up 3 or more buildings they win the game.

Out of the three matches played the Reclaimers managed to blow up the town once (and kill all Unwnated as well wink ). All in all we really liked the scenario and you will be seeing this one soon…

Thank you everyone who dropped by to play a game or buy an event model. We hope to see you all next year (or maybe earlier at one of the other events we will be attending)

Gaming day in Zwolle


At Poldercon 2016 Code Orange Games was invited by Emiel Scheier fromGames-N-Stuff to give a demonstration of our game Collision.
Yesterday we finally had the pleasure to play new demogames at Games-n-Stuff in Zwolle.
It was a special day, because it was the first time players could get their hands on all the actual models.
Collision was played and well received by beginning wargamers and veteran wargamers. Giving us good feedback to improve the game.

Special thanks to Emiel. He is an generous and excellent host and provided food and beverages.
Games-n-stuff even sponsored us with a Feldherr Mini Figure Case. Code Orange Games will visited Games-N-stuff again in the future. See you then.