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Poldercon was great!

We had an amazing time at Poldercon last Sunday! We used the event to test a new scenario where the Reclaimers assault an ‘Unwanted settlement’. They need to place bombs inside the 4 main buildings in the town, the Unwanted try to stop them and deactivate any bombs already placed. At the end of the […]


Demo day at Tabletop Kingdom

A cool impression of the demo games we had at Tabletop Kingdom. It was just the day after we launched our Kickstarter campaign and we had a blast with all the guests. Thank you for the great day!


Gaming day in Zwolle

At Poldercon 2016 Code Orange Games was invited by Emiel Scheier fromGames-N-Stuff to give a demonstration of our game Collision. Yesterday we finally had the pleasure to play new demogames at Games-n-Stuff in Zwolle. It was a special day, because it was the first time players could get their hands on all the actual models. […]