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More pictures from Impact


We have found some more pictures from the Impact event! Do you like what you see and want to try out Collision yourself? We will be at the RPC in Germany and Uk Games expo in the upcoming month!

Collision at RPC Germany

Collision will be attending the RPC in Koln Germany
We will be joining our friends from Laughing Jack at the RPC in Koln Germany. Drop by for a demo game, to check out our miniatures or even pick up one of those awesome event models bigsmile

You can find us at the Booth from Laughing Jack!

Poldercon was great!


We had an amazing time at Poldercon last Sunday!

We used the event to test a new scenario where the Reclaimers assault an ‘Unwanted settlement’. They need to place bombs inside the 4 main buildings in the town, the Unwanted try to stop them and deactivate any bombs already placed. At the end of the third turn the bomb will explode and demolish the buildings. If the Reclaimers manage to blow up 3 or more buildings they win the game.

Out of the three matches played the Reclaimers managed to blow up the town once (and kill all Unwnated as well wink ). All in all we really liked the scenario and you will be seeing this one soon…

Thank you everyone who dropped by to play a game or buy an event model. We hope to see you all next year (or maybe earlier at one of the other events we will be attending)

competition time!


Just a couple more days and … Collision is coming to Kickstarter! On the 8th of October we will be launching our campaign.

join our competition and win a FREE model!

join our competition and win a FREE model!

To celebrate the kickoff of the campaign we will give away some FREE models!

All you have to do is:
– Like our Facebook page Code Orange Games.
– Share and like the contest post.
– answer the question (reply on the contest post): “What would you do to survive the wastelands of Collision?”

Bonus prizes:
– “Pathfinder” Tag the most friends. (Make sure you only tag friends who are potentially interested in Collision.)
– “Share the Loot” the person who shared this post the most. (Make sure you don’t spam Facebook groups that already have this post shared)

The competition closes Wednesday the 5th of October at the end of the day.

“This is where your fight for the future starts”