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More buildings for the Unwanted demo table

After finishing the boat tower, it’s now time to add some buildings! They are made by combing different Thunder Chrome kits together. We think they will make for a great Unwanted shanty town!


Conversion of the Unwanted Executioner

Today we want to show you a conversion for the Unwanted. We are planning on doing a conversion for each model in the unwanted range. If all conversions are done we will even make some rules for them if you want to use them in your games of Collision.             […]


The duel is finished!

Today we like to share this awesome duel made by Fabian. We think it looks amazing. It really captured the atmosphere of the miniatures. The base has some amazing details and look at the paint job, the skin of the Unwanted is really nicely done, the Reclaimer even has a glowing collider on his back! […]


Thunder Chrome terrain

Yesterday we received a giant box with terrain from the guys from Thunder Chrome! And it looks awesome. We hope we have the time soon to get these painted and bring them with us as a demo table. Do you want this terrain yourself? Check out their website and print it yourself at home. Or […]


Collision on Beasts of War

Gaining more fame wink We are featured on beasts of war again. Check it out here: