What is Collision?

Collision is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi miniature skirmish game played with cards. It is fast-paced and involves engaging player interaction.

With Collision players use a simple intuitive card system, instead of dice, to determine whether the model’s actions are successful. In Collision is a played with 35mm true-scale skirmish game for two or more players. Every player takes charge of a gang of about 5 to 10 resin models.


The Models

Collision features highly-detailed resin models with dynamic poses. The models will be unpainted and have a height of 35mm. Most models will be multi-part and need assembly with super glue. There are three Starter sets with factions available; the brave Reclaimers, the cunning Nyx and the brutal Unwanted.  Each starter set also includes 10 double-sided Character Stat Cards and 10 Item Cards.

Print & Play

Download the Rulebook and the other required printable PDF’s for FREE.
The rules are in English, German, Spanish and French.


Or watch theYoutube Gameplay Run-through Video below.

The Story

In the near future, the world has suffered a series of disasters. The majority of humanity has been eradicated. Those that have survived thus far are waging a constant war against savage mutants, unworldly monsters and above all: each other. The ultimate prize are the mysterious Collision shards, these are the only reliable source of energy in this new world.

Every survivor relies on the shards; to power their lights, to activate their harvesters, to energise their weapons.

Collision means survival, Collision means civilisation, Collision means future. This is where your fight for the future starts.